How to close SBI Credit Card 2021 | Best way to cancel SBI Credit Card

If you want to close your SBI Credit card or find the best way to cancel your SBI credit card in 2021.

How to close SBI Credit Card

In the financial world’s most useful products are Credit cards, basically, Credit Cards are used for purchasing something, shopping, refueling vehicles. But sometimes credit card holders find it difficult to keep them. even having more than one credit card is difficult to handle for a user. In those cases, more credit Cardholders try to close or cancel the credit card. But the question is How to close SBI Credit Card. The process to close an SBI Credit Card is very simple and the cardholder can avoid paying unnecessary fees and charges.

In this article, I shared some tips and tricks for “How to close SBI Credit Card”. Using this method you can cancel SBI credit cards in a few days. 

Types of Credit Card SBI providing to user 

There are 10 Types of Credit Cards which are provided by SBI and most commonly used by SBI Users. Basically, different credit cards are used for different purposes because the functions of these Credit Cards are different. 

  • Simply click SBI Card
  • SimplySAVE SBI Card
  • Yatra SBI Card
  • BPCL SBI Card
  • IRCTC SBI Platinum Card
  • Air India SBI Platinum Card
  • SBI Card PRIME
  • SBI Card ELITE
  • Air India SBI Signature Card

Check few things Before Closing or Cancelling an SBI Credit Card 

SBI gives permission to its credit cardholders to canceling and closing but there are few things to check before canceling the SBI credit card. If you do not check these points before initiating the cancellation process some problems will occur. Rules for close SBI credit cards are listed below. 

Make sure you paid all the dues. 

If you have a pending due and want to close or cancel your SBI credit card, in that case, the bank will send you a notice to clear the dues. 

After settling the pending amount and all the EMIs the cardholder can initiate the process of SBI credit card cancellation. 

Redemption of unused reward points 

Before closing or canceling your SBI credit card, you must check the rewards points that are not used. If a cardholder wants to use those gift vouchers and points of the closed SBI credit card then he has to redeem the unused reward point within 45 days of cancellation. 

Should not be used cards before initiation of cancellation

Before initiation of the SBI credit card cancellation process, you should not have to use that card. If a cardholder uses that card then the card will generate the payment statement. It is mandatory that the cardholder needs to pay the statement of payment fees. 

If a cardholder does not pay the statement of payment fees, the bank never considered your application for the cancellation of SBI credit card.

Check Latest statement 

You have to check the latest SBI credit card statement before applying for cancellation and make sure about fraudulent transactions.

How to close SBI credit card?

SBI offers both online and offline facilities for canceling or closing your SBI credit card. If you want to cancel or close your SBI credit card then you need to specify some specific instructions to initiate the cancellation process. 

How to Close SBI Credit Card Online? 

If you think or want to close your SBI credit card online, then follow the below-mentioned simple process. 

How to cancel an SBI Credit by sending email 

The cardholder can apply for an online cancellation by sending the official email of SBI. The official email id of SBI is [email protected]. open your Gmail which is attached with your credit card or net banking. Write a proper mail for cancellation of SBI credit card and send it. Once the mail is sent, the bank will get in touch with you to start the cancellation process of your card. 

How to cancel SBI credit card by net banking. 

If you want to cancel your credit card through your net banking account then do that. Simply You need to log in to your net banking account using your login credentials. Once the account opens, place a request to close your SBI credit card. Once you placed the closer request successfully, you will receive a unique interaction id on your registered email and mobile number. After that, the bank will get in touch with you to start the cancellation process.

How to Close SBI Credit Card Offline? 

Basically, there are 3 ways to close or cancel SBI credit cards offline.

How to close SBI Credit Cards through customer care number

The cardholder who wants to close SBI credit card offline can contact SBI customer care 24×7. After contacting the SBI customer care executive will validate you and your card. Once they authorize the card the cancellation process will start.

SBI customer care helpline no are mentioned below.

18605001290, 18001801290, 18601801290.

The users can cancel their SBI credit card by sending SBI credit card cancellation requests through SMS on 39020202.

Send Written request for cancellation letter to the bank’s official address

The user can Send a Written request for a cancellation letter to the bank’s official address by mentioning the SBI credit card holder’s name, Date of Birth, credit card number, credit card expiry date, and Contact number. 

Official bank address of SBI main branch

SBI Card, PO-Bag 28, GPO, New Delhi- 11000.

Visit the nearest SBI branch

To cancel your SBI credit card you can visit and contact the nearest SBI branch. For proceeding with your cancel request bank needs your relevant document along with the SBI credit card. This credit card cancellation process is very easy and simple.

In this article, we shared complete step-by-step tips and procedures for how to close SBI credit cards and we solved the most relevant queries like how to cancel SBI credit cards online and offline also. If you get value by reading this article kindly let us know by commenting. Share this article with your friends and family to expand their knowledge base to Cancel or close SBI credit cards easily.

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